Mitch Temple


Mitch Temple is an artist and filmmaker who lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. He is currently developing "Los Angeles", a feature film about a mute who believes God is calling her to save the baby Jesus.

Mitch received his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. His artwork and films have been shown in galleries, museums, and alternative spaces throughout the country. He makes work inspired by the twin principles of chaos and possibility, and enjoys creating the carnival of resulting sensations.

His two dimensional work includes drawing, painting, and digital art. He enjoys tools and processes that force him beyond his intentions and assumptions. Mitch used to paint from film stills, and that inspired him to create video and film pieces of his own. He's created a number of short films, and two experimental features "Limbo" and "The Light". He loves the collaboration of film, and excels in gathering the resources and organization necessary to execute a shared artistic vision.

Recently Mitch launched Pandemonium Productions as a way to bring these different creative efforts together under one roof.

After finishing undergrad at Georgetown University, Mitch volunteered to teach in South Africa. In 2002 as a grad student, he co-founded Root Division, an arts and education non-profit that provides subsidized studio space to emerging artists, affordable adult education classes, and free after school arts education to neighborhood youth. Through Root Division and otherwise, Mitch is very proud to have created many professional and economic opportunities for talented artists. After moving to LA he designed and delivered after school programming to at-risk youth, and still believes education is the cleanest path to social justice. He is the proud cousin and ardent supporter of Marshall Tuck who works tirelessly to make a high quality education available to every child in California.

He has two children who reinforce his wonder and confusion in the world, and he is constantly inspired by his sister Katy, his brother Josh, and his phenomenal cousins.